Patrick Frase and Stefan Lambert

Recorded March 12, 2020 Archived March 12, 2020 37:11 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Patrick Frase (63) and Stefan Lambert (57) talk about the history and formation of groups such as the African American Film Association and the Negro Actors Guild, analyze important films that highlighted African American actors, and talk about the controversies that exist today regarding race within the film industry.

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SL talks about getting involved with the African American Film Association.
SL talks about the formation of the Negro Actors Guild.
SL mentions musicians who were part of the Negro Actors Guild.
SL talks about Hattie McDaniel, who was the first black person to receive an Oscar.
SL discusses black exploitation films and the origin of the term.
SL and PF analyze the importance of the film, Carmen Jones.
SL talks about campaigning for screenings and promotion of Tyler Perry's, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman."
SL talks about the portrayal of African Americans in film and how AAFA is working on shifting that narrative.
SL discusses his believe in ancestry and their removal of support for those who do not advocate for black and African American people.


  • Patrick Frase
  • Stefan Lambert

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Beale Memorial Library

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